Wednesday 12 October 2011

Intelligent Music..

What is it about pop music and other mainstream music genres that is so off-putting? The shallow meaningless subject matter? The monotony of the genre? Whatever happened to the days when music used to have intelligent lyrics? It is at least reassuring that there are still artists who havent sold out to the masses and who compose works of value. One such artist that springs to mind is Zion I. I find that the song 'Leader' has quite an inspirational subject. 'No Regrets' by Aesop Rock is another intelligently written piece. It inspires the listener to  always follow their dreams and not just give up on them. It's reassuring to know that artists still value the importance of the love of music over the money it will make the artist! Long live the underground!

Don't settle for low-grade music,


  1. Dude ... Just, dude... What are doing! You are bloging! are u sick? Do you have full motor skills? or did you try ur brain at string theory and go insane, in the membrain? (See what i did there?) on a side not though atmosphere should be up there! Along with good old master of underground hip hop Tech N9ne who is a true inspiration to us all! Only rapper i know that genuinly cares for his fans.
    From none-other then ur friendly neighbourhood Optimus Prime. :)

  2. I whole heartedly agree with that guy before me, this mister optimus prime i believe. Id imagin him to have a kind face and gentlemen like charm. what a rather witty and delightful breath of freash air on here. My confitribularities to this good fellow!

    malcom auditora da florence the third.

  3. I appreciate your contrifibularities Mr. Da Florence The Third. But you sir, BE TROLLIN'!! Boxxy would not be proud!

  4. im gonna gues they were both sam??? :L :L