Monday 10 October 2011

Why Not Try..

This evening as I was whipping up something simple for dinner I decided to experiment with a steak. I gathered together three basic ingredients that most people would have in their kitchen: lemon, pepper and brown sugar. I proceded to season the steak quite thoroughly on both sides  ( I like pepper quite a bit), then squeezed about a tespoon of lemon juice onto it and finally rubbed approx one teaspoon of brown sugar into it which made a paste with the lemon juice. Massage this paste well into the steak fry on a ridged frying pan for best results. (Quick tip for frying steak: Wait until your pan is smoking hot to fry the steak as this will ensure it is cooked to perfection.) Fry until golden brown on each side and thoroughly cooked. I like to serve this with a large mixed salad consisting of raw spinach leaves, rocket, diced cucumber, red pepper and spring onion. Dijon mustard is a great addition to this dish also.

Hope you try and enjoy!

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